This is the online homepage of Morikawa, Yamamoto & Miwa Lab at Nagoya University in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. The lab was established to enhance the strength of research in transport and environment dynamics at Nagoya University (NU TREND). Major interests of the lab include modeling individual choice behavior, evaluation of evolving transportation policies, next-generation mobility utilizing ITS, methods for creating eco-city, and study on household vehicle ownership and use.

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Professor Morikawa is a member of the Department of Environmental Engineering and Architecture, Graduate School of Environmental Studies. Professor Yamamoto and Professor Miwa are the members of EcoTopia Science Institute (the Department of Civil Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering). The other members of the lab accordingly belong to the two departments, yet we conduct research as a team.

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Top News

Best Presentation Award at International Conference of Asia-Pacific
Planning Societies 2022, Nagasaki [2022/08/19]

Two students, Violetta Dolbilina and Ganbattar Oyuntsogt received the
best presentation awards.

Violetta Dolbilina, Hitomi Sato, Jiang Meilan and Takayuki Moriawa;
Analysis of Preference Between Commuting and Teleworking Considering
Risk Perceptions during COVID-19

Ganbaatar Oyuntsogot, Hitomi Sato, Toshiyuki Yamamoto;
Analysis of Travel Reliability and Sevice Level for Airport Shuttle Bus
to New Airport at Ulaanbaatar City, Mongolia


43th The IATSS Award; The Best Paper Award (April 8th, 2022)

Yen Tran, Toshiyuki Yamamoto, Hitomi Sato, Tomio Miwa, Takayuki Morikawa,
Attitude toward physical activity as a determinant of bus use
intention: A case study in Asuke, Japan, IATSS Research, 44-4,2020.

Special seminar2021/01/26

Title:What is happening at Silicon Valley?
Activities toward innovation by Japanese long-established general construction company

Speaker:Mr. Takehiko Nakaya 
General Manager atShimizu Silicon Valley Innovation Center (SVIC),
Shimizu Corporation
Date & time:2021/01/26, 14:4516:15
Place:Zoom (contact

Special seminar[2019/04/10]

Title:Autonomous Vehicles Down Under: An Investigation of Consumer Sentiment in Australia
Speaker:Prof. Stephen Greaves 
Professor and Chair in Transport Management, Institute of Transport & Logistics Studies, University of Sydney
Date & time:2019/04/16, 17:0018:30
Place:Room 102, Building 8 (North Wing), School of Engineering

Abstract: In common with many nations in the developed world, Australia is considering the potential for Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) to tackle various transportation and sustainability challenges. However, consumer sentiment remains unclear with a view that most Australian’s are not ready to accept this technology. This seminar draws from a recent survey of 450 Australians' investigating attitudes and preferences towards AVs and vehicle-sharing. Results suggest that Australians are highly polarized in their views on both AVs and sharing. More favourable attitudes towards AVs are associated with younger, male respondents, those who drive less currently and those more open to enjoying lifes pleasures. More negative attitudes prevail with older, female respondents, those who drive more, and less open to new experiences. The seminar concludes with planned future research collaborations with researchers at Nagoya University investigating whether these findings are similar or not for Japanese consumers.

Special seminar[2017/04/10]

A seminar by Prof. Yang, Dalian Maritime University, will be held as follows.
This seminar is a part of Seminar on Environmental Ecology System and Seminar on Regional and Urban Management.

Date and Time: April 17 11:00-12:00 
Place: Rm. 108 Eng. Bld. 8  
Speaker: Professor Zhongzhen Yang 
Title:Problem-based studies on transportation planning and management
    --- Topics and progresses of Team Yang in Dalian Maritime University

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